Typical Signs indicative of demonic presence


  • Strange noises which occur on a continuous basis.  This can include thumping noises, knocks, scratching, screams and growls.  The presence of a demonic or evil entity can more often than not be accompanied with a foul odor such as rotting flesh and sulphur.


  • Demonic entities have never been human and therefore cannot imitate the features associated with a human being, although they come pretty close.  Once they try to manifest themselves in character as a living or deceased human, often times they show signs of imperfection such as wrong proportions and the presence of animal like features.  One should look closely for these character traits once a demon manifests itself.


  • Demons usually target the most vulnerable in the household like children or someone going through physical or emotional turmoil because they can be easily controlled.  In some cases the demonic entity appears to children as playmates and confidants in order to gain trust.  Once a child suddenly displays unusual behavior such as increased need for sleep, loss of appetite and a general anti-social type of behavior (without being ill or under severe stress), you should become suspicious and keep a close eye on the child.


  • Unexplained illnesses could overcome the chosen victims of the household.  This could accompany scratches and bruises and make it appear to outsiders that abuse is taking place in the household.  Soon adults will begin to notice strange occurrences in the house and odd behavior by spouses; the demon feeds upon pain and fear and uses very subtle techniques to obtain this state of events and take control of the home.


  • Understand the fact that once the presence of a demonic entity has been confirmed, an attack in some form or another is eminent.  In most cases the entity starts out quite friendly toward the family members and could well imitate a deceased loved one in order to invoke complete trust from its victims.  Don’t be fooled; they might look, act and sound exactly like grandma, but it isn’t!  They are master tricksters and will do anything they deem necessary in order to achieve their goals.  As time goes by, the demonic entity will grow impatient and become quick tempered and lash out toward members of the household without being provoked.


  • It’s a good idea to seek the help of clergymen and/or respected paranormal investigators in the area to be able to determine exactly what you are dealing with.  Don’t be disappointed to find no sign of the entity once you invite investigators to your home as these entities often go into hiding to make it appear as if the members of the household are imagining the claimed occurrences.


  • If the entity reacts negatively toward religious symbols, statues, books and conversations.