Whenever you encounter any type of investigator you will notice that they will always be accompanied by their trusted investigative equipment.  Whether it be a doctor with a stethoscope, a detective with his notepad, pen and flashlight, or an archeologist with his hammers, shovels and brushes; so you will find investigators of the paranormal with “ghost hunting equipment”.  The equipment is used to help detect record, measure and capture paranormal activity to be scrutinized as evidence.


What type of equipment is used for ghost hunting?


Although there is a vast range of equipment to be used in paranormal investigating, there is only a handful which is crucial to any paranormal researcher.  Ghost hunting equipment can be sold either as individual items, or if you are lucky, sold as a ghost hunting kit.  In order to conduct proper “ghost hunting” you will need the following equipment.

  • Video recording equipment

videoequipmentIn order to capture paranormal activity on film/video, you would have to possess a camcorder/digital video device.  These can range from commercial hand-held video cameras to special high resolution night vision cameras.  When buying such a device it always a good idea to shop around for a full spectrum night vision enabled recorder.  Full spectrum devices allow you an unrestricted recording of every color spectrum known to man ex. ultra violet light, infra red light; which some experts believe to be emitted by certain paranormal entities.

  • HD (high definition) Camera with a flash

camera+flashNowadays getting your hands on cameras able to take pictures in 16 Mega Pixels is not difficult at all.  It is always a good idea to go for such high resolution cameras in order to see every detail of the snapshots which you take.  The increased resolution also comes in handy when certain areas in a photo need to be zoomed in and enhanced.



  • Digital voice recorder

evpThese small and lightweight digital recorders are used to capture any form of sound in their proximity.  Sometimes paranormal researchers will ask an entity/ghost some questions and will use these devices to capture the responses.  The term commonly used in ghost hunting circles is the capture of EVP or electronic voice phenomena.  The human ear is only able to recognize sounds in the 20Hz- 20KHz frequency range whereas some voice recording devices are able to capture lower sound frequencies due to their sensitivity.  Not all ghosts/spirits can be heard by the human ear so these devices do come in handy.

  • Electro Magnetic Field Meter (EMF)

EMFIt is believed that entities emit energy which can be detected.  In order to detect these “energies” an EMF meter is used.  These meters detect any electromagnetic fluctuations in the area it is used.  Ghost hunters like with EVP investigations above, sometimes ask questions and hope for some kind of response from a spirit.  Some of these EMF meters have lights fitted to them (apart from a gauge), and can be used to communicate with the entities.  Ghost a spirits usually are able to understand when you speak to them and can in an unknown way affect an EMF meter by making it show a higher reading and/or flash the lights on the meter.  When the meter shows a reading or an unexplained “high” reading without being close to any electrical machinery or equipment (which could cause false positive readings due to interference), it is believed to be due a paranormal entity which is in close proximity with you.


There are many other pieces of equipment used in ghost hunting or paranormal research, but these are the most relevant.  Others include lazer thermometers to detect “cold spots” also caused by entities, infra red cameras, infra red illuminating devices, thermal imaging equipment, motion detecting equipment etc.  Although the more equipment you have in your arsenal the better the obtainable evidence would be, conducting a ghost hunt without the kit above will severely limit your ability to hunt for the afterlife.


Ghost Hunting Starter Kitstarter kit


*Starter Kit Includes:

-GaussMaster EMF meter

-Portable Motion Sensor

-EVP Listener

-Digital Local Remote Thermometer

-Deluxe Carrying Case to keep it all together.

*Cameras sold seperately (available in-store)




Deluxe Ghost Hunting Kit

Deluxe Ghost Hunting Kit

  Ghost Hunting Deluxe Kit

  *This Deluxe Kit Includes:

- Trifield Meter
- Portable Motion Sensor
- EVP Listener
- Digital Local Remote Thermometer
- Raytek Minitemp IR Thermometer
- Deluxe Carrying Case to keep it all together.

*Cameras sold seperately (available in-store)



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